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  • Avaya IP Office – Best Digital Phone System for Small and Medium Businesses

    Posted on Tuesday, 6 January 2015

    The Avaya IP Office Platform is a dynamic office phone system that is to easy manage and yet delivers a power-packaged solution to engage over 2,000 users at a time. Ideal for organizations with a fluid, mobile and constantly-on-the-move workforce, the IP Office Platform helps you customize a solution that is exactly suited to your requirements. From simple apps to complex virtualized software – the system can be customized in all shapes and sizes.

    Requiring minimal upfront investment, the digital phone system requires minimal maintenance and is a completely integrated platform. Once installed it allows you a complete end-to-end communications platform managed from a single source.

    The Avaya IP Office Platform helps businesses improve customer engagement by offering a multi-channel and multi-functional communications system that integrates voice, email, and chat features into a single interface. Aside from the host of features the system can be integrated into existing hardware and therefore allows a greater flexibility and mobility.

    This digital phone system is ideal for small and medium businesses. Low initial investment and maintenance make it an attractive proposition while its highly scalable model ensures that the system can adapt itself to the growth in the organization.

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