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  • Avaya IP Office Phone to drive greater collaboration & productivity

    Posted on Tuesday, 6 January 2015

    The Avaya IP Office phone solution is one of the most advanced and efficient business phone systems best suited for the requirements of a small business. With a keen understanding of the needs and challenges of a small yet growing organization, the IP Office solution greatly enhances the collaborative edge of your internal workforce as well as offering new avenues for the staff to connect with external stakeholders and clients.

    The system delivers a wide array of advantages creating an engaging experience on voice, video and virtualization across devices and platforms. The systems allows for a flexible configuration model that matches the organizational infrastructure objectives. The highly customizable nature of the solution ensures that it can be deployed in both simple use-case scenarios as well as to highly complex virtualizations. Of course given that most organizations don’t exist on either extremes, we have the myriad scenarios in between covered as well.

    The Avaya IP Office Phone is built around the collaborative mantra. Essentially, we understand that the phone system is to bring people, clients and processes together. Bound by the need for information flow, collaboration creates more robust organizations and helps organizations deliver greater value to their clients.

    In terms of the cost-benefit analysis, the Avaya IP office phone would look a perfect match for a small yet growing enterprise. With a comparatively smaller investment upfront, reduced operational and maintenance expenses and remarkably low power consumption – this phone system ticks all the right boxes for you.

    At Rent a Phone Systems, we have had a strong partnership with Avaya that has been strengthened over the years as we have deployed these systems for the benefit of various clients. Given our experience of working with Avaya and other industry leaders, we understand both your requirements and the hardware available to find the perfect match.

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