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  • Business Networking through LinkedIn

    Posted on Tuesday, 6 January 2015

    Modern business are all about knowing the right people. Given the avalanche of tools available, it is also possible that you end up bumping into everyone and anyone – making irrelevant business connections. Fewer but more relevant connections can be far more valuable than hundreds of random connections.

    Here are a few tips to finding and connecting with the right people:

    • Take interest – Like all relationships, business relationships also require an inherent interest from your side to go out and look for like-minded people
    • Create interest – Make your profile interesting enough for people to stop and give a look. Avoid clichés and exaggerations and keep it simple
    • Send personalized invites – How often to you come across invites saying “Hi, I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn.” Why? For what purpose? Avoid these automated invites, personalise it and express why you want to connect with a specific person.
    • Get introduced – If there is a common contact, make use of them to get introduced. This builds a stronger network
    • Accept a decline with respect – Refrain from sending repeated invites despite getting no response or worse, getting declined. No gentle reminders please.
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