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  • Business Phone Solutions for Real Estate Agencies

    Posted on Wednesday, 15 July 2015

    Real Estate agents are often liaising with multiple clients and require to be away from the office, in which case they might not be best placed to handle calls coming in from the call-centres. However, with advances in communications technologies, it is now possible to be able to remotely attend calls or take a message and promise for a return call.

    In essence the idea is to ensure that the customer feels attended to, and that there is no dissatisfaction or at worse a feeling of being ignored wilfully. Real Estate transactions are largely dependent on the amount of trust a consumer can place on the agency or agent dealing with him or her. Attending to the consumer at every juncture helps instil a greater level of trust.

    Aside from the trust factor, being constantly in touch with the consumer also helps an agent better understand their requirements and suggest appropriate properties. Real Estate transactions are long-winded and leads & consumers need to be nurtured over a period of time to realize the sale.

    Even within the organization, a large real estate firm requires its agents to stay connected with each other or with the superiors. Communications infrastructure needs to be able to cater to these requirements, as this liaison is as critical as consumer communication.

    Real Estate firms today operate in an environment wherein the consumer is well informed and intelligent. Agencies cannot afford any slip ups. A state-of-the-art business communications systems helps the agency deliver the next-level of consumer satisfaction as demanded by today’s consumers.

    A business phone system is a critical part of the operations at any real state agency; agencies must weight-up their requirements, spending ability, and the desired objectives before finalizing on a particular system. This helps identify the right phone solution at the most optimum cost.

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