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  • Communicating in the Construction Industry

    Posted on Wednesday, 30 September 2015

    Construction companies rely on communications to a great extent. Almost on all operational fronts communications plays a vital – liaising with clients, negotiating with sub-contractors and passing on instructions to the implementation workers. At every step of the construction process, communications plays a vital and important role. However, most of the communication happens over informal settings and vital information is lost in transit.

    We are all well acquainted with communication in our everyday life. In the construction industry communication must be carried out with the following objectives/criteria in focus.

    1. Setting the right expectations: As a construction professional while communicating with the consumer, it is important to understand and set the right expectation. For the consumer everything is a possibility and there is no end to their imagination. However, the construction professional must weigh in all possibilities before confirming or denying those possibilities. On one hand it is important to ensure that the customer is satisfied, however, at the same time it important to ensure that the customer clearly understands the delivery mechanism and thus will not have too high expectations at a later stage

    2. Accuracy of information: Construction professionals must check and re-check the information for its accuracy. Given that construction has a sense of permanency to it, it is important to take accurate information from the client and pass on the same to the workers. The reverse is just as important. Giving importance to accuracy helps improve the final outcome of the projects.

    3. Transparency & Customer Interest: Transparency is desired and appreciated in all walks of communication and certainly in the construction space. Placing all the facts and figures before the customers helps improve customer confidence. Placing customer interest involves taking a broader view of the situation and communicating to him even the difficult pieces of information. Although the consumer might disagree, he will appreciate the sense of transparency in the long term.

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