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  • Communicating with Consumers in the E-Commerce Space

    Posted on Wednesday, 12 August 2015

    E-commerce in sense spells comfort, convenience and customer service. Consumers are shying away from queuing up at stores and instead prefer to make purchases from the comfort of their homes. Lack of time, improved choices and above all a heightened sense of convenience drive the ever improving e-commerce sales figures.

    Also, the e-commerce consumer is an intelligent & informed being – given that the internet gives you no place to hide each purchase & platform is well researched. In this backdrop, it is vital to have the right communication strategy with the e-commerce consumer to ensure that you stand out and make the right impression on the huge internet audience.

    Outlined below are some of the common and vital communication rules that e-commerce companies ought to keep in mind while communicating with their prospective clientele:

    1) Appreciate customer intelligence: Customers on the internet are an informed lot – well aware of what they wish to buy. They’re also aware of the possible means to research on the internet. Therefore, brands ought to respect this intelligence while communicating with the consumer. Any attempt to bluff your way through can only prove counter-productive.

    2) Stay human: As e-commerce enterprises operating in the virtual world there is a danger that our communication ends up being analogue and machine-like. E-commerce businesses ought to understand that while they are operating in a virtual environment, they are still dealing with real people and therefore all communication must retain an innate sense of humanness.

    3) Be concise & clear: The internet is an ocean of information and misinformation alike. And the internet audience hardly have the patience to look through reams of data to discover what they are looking for. If the most important element of your communication is hidden somewhere, it’s unlikely that anyone is ever going to find it! The solution lies in drafting clear & concise copies that are to the point and no further.

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