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  • Communicating with Consumers

    Posted on Wednesday, 15 July 2015

    Most of us, on a day-to-day basis interact with one or other form of consumers. They could be internal or external ones – but they are consumers alike. Consumers of the work or data we produce. Outlined below are some of the common (and oft overlooked) rules of communicating with the consumer:
    1. Expectation Setting: Each of our interactions with the consumer set a level of expectation. It is important to understand and ensure that the expectations set are appropriate, achievable and permissible. Setting expectations way below or above is both undesirable. Also, it is important to set an expectation that is possible in the purview of our roles.

    2. Accuracy & Acceptance: Consumers will always appreciate accurate representation of facts with satisfactory explanations. Reluctance to accept and misinterpret data might get you out of trouble once, it could soon catch up at another time.

    3. Transparency: Irrespective of the customer asking, it is desirable to put forth all the facts and supporting data in front of the consumer. This way, there is no charge ever of hiding facts from the consumer.

    4. Consumer Interest: A consumer will always prefer to work with someone who looks after the consumers’ interest than his own. Giving assurance and acting in the customer interest will help secure a higher degree of customer loyalty.

    5. Disagree with respect: There is no need and possibility of agreeing with the consumer. Disagreements don’t make you the bad guy, so long as the disagreement is well founded, in the interest of the consumer and expressed respectfully.

    We have consumers and at times we turn consumers – eventually it’s best to communicate with our consumers as we would expect the others to communicate with us when we turn consumers.

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