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  • Draw a line. And draw it for a reason.

    Posted on Monday, 19 January 2015

    In our competitive business world, it is sometimes accepted that a compromise is not just necessary but it is imperative in the larger scheme of things. Sure, it sounds like a fair statement. But then comes the dirty part of this arrangement. Because in-principle compromise is acceptable – companies and individuals compromise themselves to any extent.

    Each of us as individuals have an in-built set of values. And likewise companies. It is those values which ought to be protected – where plain gain or loss – is irrelevant. This the place to draw a line. And draw it well enough for others to see. Compromise is a vaguely and often misplaced word. Used as a strategic measure might be well accepted, but in this process it is also likely that you’d lose something more valuable – integrity.

    • Draw a line: For you to know where you stand
    • Declare your line: For others to know how far you’ll come
    • Defend your line: When someone lures you to trample on it
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