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  • How to choose the best business phone system for your organization?

    Posted on Tuesday, 6 January 2015

    Each business is unique in its ways and requirements. There are no cookie-cutter solutions or one-size-fits-all strategies that can adequately cater to our enterprises today. Each of them requires personal attention, tailor-made solutions and a customized-approach. While this is on one side – the demand, the supply side also throws up an equally varied and versatile picture. The market is flooded with products of different ilk that come with different capabilities and complex nuances.

    In this scenario it becomes mighty difficult to figure out the right business phone system for the given organization and the best way to deploy and maintain it; given that both upfront and operational costs at most organizations today remain under stress, the incentive to reduce costs couldn’t be higher and must be factored into any possible solution.

    Following are some of the fundamentals to ensure that we pick the right solution fit for your business needs

    • Basic understanding of the core requirements: What exactly do I need the phone system to do for me? This is a question each organization must ponder before making any further headway into deploying one. Each organization has its own needs and no one can understand and articulate them better. Videoconferencing, auto-response, paging, IP telephony, wireless telephony, CRM integration, unified messaging – are some of the basic features that organizations seek. The choices must be driven by what can make your organization more collaborative and processes more efficient.
    • Having understood your requirement, it is important to embrace yourself for a little bit of change. A new phone system will bring in a few additional steps or may eliminate a few steps from the established practices. Organizations ought to be in a position to assimilate these changes into its functions.
    • Finally, pick an expert to do the job. While your own technical department may be capable of handling a phone system, a professional would always be handy for deployment and maintenance. Also, you wouldn’t want your resources tied up in tasks that do not directly to your business objectives.
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