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  • NEC SL1100 – Feature-Rich & Low-Investment – Digital Phone System

    Posted on Tuesday, 6 January 2015

    The NEC SL100 digital phone platform is a feature-rich, low-investment digital phone system that allows a seamless communications interface for businesses to remain in touch with their consumers. Irrespective of where your staff operates from and where your clients are stationed, the SL100 keeps them connected and keeps your business moving.

    The scalability feature of the platform ensures that the system can grow along with your growing business. Easy to install and run, this business phone system is intuitive to use and requires no formal training for your employees to take part. Ideally suited for small businesses, the SL100 helps reduce costs while increasing the overall productivity of your workforce.

    The phone system is designed to deliver a much improve customer interaction thereby making businesses more response to consumers and employees more productive for the organization. An excellent investment for small businesses to make, the NEC SL100 is a highly customizable solution that ensures your business needs take precedence over all other factors.

    The platform can also be customized based on what your objectives are – better consumer contact; improved employee mobility; better productivity – you can pre-define your objective and the system alters itself to deliver you the same.

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