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  • Need for a Business Phone System for E-Commerce Enterprises

    Posted on Wednesday, 12 August 2015

    There is often a tendency to ignore business phone solutions if you are an e-commerce enterprise. The thought being that as an online concern you’d prefer to engage your consumers on the internet and having a phone system is an additional cost that you can do away with. This conclusion, however, couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Given the apparent simplicity of an e-commerce business model – set up a website, reach enough people and deliver what they order for! And yet in reality anyone who’s actually done it will tell you that it’s certainly not as simple. Consumers often have queries and would prefer a human voice assuring them of a resolution.

    Especially for products of a substantial value it is imperative that you are able to provide phone support in addition to the ubiquitous email help.

    Aside from improved customer liaison, an effective business phone solution is a great way to streamline an e-commerce enterprise. Improved coordination amongst the various logistical streams handling order-fulfilment, delivery and consumer queries can be much better handled. Any serious e-commerce player looking to increase scale & size of his enterprise ought to pay attention to the need for an effective business phone solution.

    An oft quoted concern of e-commerce companies is how calls generated over the helpline are often redundant – requesting information already available on the website. While this is sure a concern, but it’s better to have the consumer seek answers over your own helpline as opposed to losing him altogether for the lack of a phone number listed.

    Calling customers express a serious intent to buy and with an effective call-centre/customer support program you’re more likely to win these consumer than lose them. A business phone solution is not just a go-to-have element increasingly e-commerce enterprises are waking up to the reality that a business phone system is a vital and integral part of the e-commerce ecosystem.

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