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  • Staying in Control of Your Deadlines

    Posted on Monday, 12 January 2015

    “Whenever you set out to do something, something else must be done first!” Thus goes one of the corollary to Murphy’s laws and this never seems to be more true than a deadline-ridden day at work. In our ever-so-fast paced world, surprisingly, the art of scheduling and planning seems to have almost disappeared.

    It almost feels like, we’re going so fast through our workdays that taking that moment to jot down a ‘to-do’ list will slow us down too much. The almighty hurry to meet deadline after deadline is a mad rush that none seems to be able to catch up to.

    Sure, ad-hoc, unannounced work always rears itself up like a bad rash – at the most inopportune time – but then if you were planned in the first place about your other activities you’d know what to postpone, re-schedule and not have to worry about missing one deadline if you chose to adhere to another.

    Indeed, workplace can be a competitive environment. Sure, the morning traffic has already got you behind your schedule. Yes, you spilled coffee as you dashed through the elevator. But having got through all of it, just take a moment to calm yourself down.

    Jot down a list of things you ought to get doing with expected timelines:

    • Work out a plan.
    • Get down to the task.
    • Discipline yourself to stick to the task.
    • Check it off on your list. Move on.
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