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  • The Efficiencies Created by IP-based Business Phone Systems

    Posted on Tuesday, 6 January 2015

    While big corporations often find it easier to deploy and maintain efficient phone system technologies, it is the smaller ones that are often caught in a catch-22. Here are some of the advantages of an efficient business phone system which should help small businesses readily deploy one.

    Small office phone system is no longer isolated systems instead they are one part of an ecosystem. Married together by an IP network, the phone systems bring together various communication channels such as voice, data, video conferencing, wireless, instant messaging, etc.

    An IP-based business phone system helps an organization become more efficient as well as reduce costs

    • IP phone system ensures that all the systems are on a unified network ensuring easier maintenance and requirement of managing multiple networks
    • Saves long distance call charges are calls are routed over data networks instead of the traditional telecom ones
    • Scalability ensures that the marginal cost of adding new resources into the network is always less than the benefit accrued.
    • Easier for employees to work from remote locations and access all requisite tools even while at a remote location.
    • Enhanced capabilities increases productivity while ease of use aids efficiency.
    • Seamless and consistent connectivity means that there is a greater scope of collaboration and higher incidence of client engagement.
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