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  • Unified Communications & It’s Advantages

    Posted on Tuesday, 6 January 2015

    There is an increase need for the integration of organizations’ voice and data systems. This ensures that internal associates are able to locate each other better – despite time and geographical distance. This in essence is the fundamental principle guiding unified communications.

    Currently organizations deploy some or all of the following components – office phone systems, voicemail, mobile phones, fax, Internet, amongst others to ensure seamless operations and client engagement. However, most times each of these systems is working in parallel silos whereby escalating costs and resulting duplication makes organizations less efficient.

    Unified communications collates all your e-mail, voice messages, and faxes from one single window allowing an easy access to tools that help you stay constantly connected. Meanwhile, conferencing solutions help workers in remote locations deploy voice, video, the web content to foster greater participation and collaboration.

    Some of the advantages of unified communications include

    • Ability to convene remote location meeting with audio, video and web content
    • Real time client connect and internal collaboration
    • Access to key applications and software despite being in remote location
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