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The National Broadband Network is a long-term, nationwide project undertaken by the Australian government to connect the entire country with optic fibre. The project will provide a new era of digital connectivity for Australia and replace the current analogue connectivity for fixed and internet services.

The project will make Australia one of the best connected countries in the world. It will potentially spark significant opportunities for businesses, provide a range of advantages to consumers, and take the country to the forefront of technological advancements in connectivity.

The National Broadband Network presents a range of advantages for both business & consumers. Businesses will become more connected to their consumers, while consumers will have access to real-time high-speed transmission of data. Costs will decline, leading to more savings and efficiencies.

The availability of high speed connectivity will improve customer services, enhance their ability of businesses to reach customers and provide more collaboration opportunities.

Implementation of the NBN could pose potential challenges for businesses. Consumers will demand greater accountability & accuracy. Businesses will be expected to ramp up their service delivery in order to be competitive.

The present business environment demands a transition to advanced phone systems, such that enterprises – especially the small and medium ones – are ready to take advantages of the opportunities and ride over the challenges.

Rentaphonesystem.com.au provides NBN-ready phone systems that are easy to integrate, cost-effective and deliver the next-generation of consumer service. We partner with a wide array of handset manufacturers to ensure that you have the exact hardware to meet your business requirements. A PABX system will be a vital cog in the consumer delivery space once the entire Australian system is digitized. Rentaphonesystem.com.au is your partner to help you make the transition.

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nbn phones-nbn plans-nbn network - rentaphonesystem.com.au


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