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Alcatel Lucent 8029 Premium Desk phones

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  • Compatible with 9 series Digital phones
  • Full range of telephone services offered that are found in Alcatel-Lucent’s communication servers- OmniPCX Office RCE and Omni PCX Enterprise.
  • Icons and soft keys very intuitive.
  • The key board is alphabetic.
  • The display size is 64×128 pixels with white back light.
  • SATA connector provided for add-on module connection.
  • The menu supports multiple languages like Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Hungarian, Russian, Portuguese and many more.
  • Comfort handset is provided which is hearing aid compatible.
  • Features a full duplex headphone equipped with acoustic echo cancellation.
  • Phone has programmable and soft keys with LED and paper label.
  • Function Keys: On/Off hook, Dial Pad, mute button with LED, volume keys +/-, hands-free with Led, 2 personal Keys/Led, redial, info & message key with Led Voice quality is of superb quality
  • Ergonomics of the desk phone is outstanding.
  • There are dedicated function keys for various operation.
  • The display is back-lit.
  • Soft keys and icons are intuitive.
  • The phone can be mounted on the wall with the help of accessory provided.
  • The phone consumes very less power.
  • Connects with R-J 12 digital line interface, external ringer and audio-active indicator.
  • RJ-9 connector is required for corded headset and alphabetic keyboard.
  • 3.5 mm jack is also provided for headset connection.
  • 4 -way navigation is provided with O.K and cancel button.
  • Accessories which can be added to the desk phone are Add-on 10 keys module, Add-on 40 keys module, smart display14 keys module, mono aural headset and binaural headset, etc.
  • Conference module can also be fitted as an accessories.
  • Various Regulatory and safety standards are met while designing the Alcatel-Lucent desk phone.

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