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Unify OpenScape X5 Phone System

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Powerfully manage your business’s complex communication systems with this highly scalable and flexible platform.

Your company has grown and you need a communications system that you can customise to meet your growing demands. You require an efficient, cost-effective PABX system with built-in flexibility so it can cope with the continued growth of your operation. A trusted and reliable system allowing your staff to maintain optimal communication networks with clients is critical for your business.

Meet the Unify OpenScape X5, your solution

Benefits for your company:

  • Reduced operating costs: lower call costs with least cost routing on outgoing calls
  • Ease of operation: voicemail, call forwarding and IP integration
  • Future proofed: expand to up to 48 (rack) or 72 (wall) digital subscribers and 96 IP work points
  • Enhanced staff connectivity and mobility: DECT system for cordless phones, mobiles and wireless data transfer
  • Improved customer service: voice messaging, voice to email, external or internal music on hold modules and internal and external call forwarding including to mobile phones
  • Flexibility in configuration: use the two expansion slots strategically to support your desired combination of IP, analog and digital telephones, as well as PC clients and cordless phones
  • Flexibility in software platform: license the server based application portal and applications best suited to your specific needs (such as OpenScape Office)
  • Flexibility in platform management: remote maintenance via modem
  • Flexibility in hardware: supports a range of handsets
  • Compact: rack mount or wall mount
  • Security of data: VPN technology and multi-site networking capability enable secure connectivity between staff

Our Verdict

If your company is a medium-sized business and you prioritise strategic resource allocation, scalability and mobility, then this system will be ideal for you.

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