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Financing your phone system allows you to acquire the technology you need to run your business without tying up your capital.

Our partnership with Thorn Equipment Finance enables you to get your equipment now and pay for it later, over a number of months, in small instalments.

How does it work?

Choose the products you want and fill out the application form.
We can assist you if you’re not sure which finance option or term best suits your goals. You should also consult your accountant.

Thorn will then assess your application. You may be eligible for finance if your company is active for at least two years (if you own your property) or five years (if you rent your premises) and you have a clear credit history.

Other criteria are also involved. You may be required to send financial statements as part of your rental agreement.

If your application is approved, Thorn Equipment Finance will pay for the goods in full. Upon settlement, we will release delivery and you will start making monthly repayments to Thorn conveniently via direct debit.


Equipment Finance Application Form.


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